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Probiotic Elixir/Hydrating Mist - $89

Chrisal Probiotic Elixir is created from probiotics which, when mixed are active for 7-9 days to create a fantastic hydrating mist that can be used after cleansing to help tone and refine the skin. Chrisal Australia Hydrating Mist is an all natural product that does not contain chemicals, minerals, colours or fragrances.

The proprietary stabilised probiotics work to restore the skin's natural balance of beneficial or good bacteria. By restoring this natural balance the skin is better able to cope with the daily stresses by creating a natural barrier against bad bacteria, pollutants, free radicals, and allergens. Probiotic use will also encourage cell turnover so that your skin looks brighter, tighter and healthier

Probiotic skin care can help alleviate skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rashes, skin allergies, acne, unsightly discolorations, and promotes anti-aging. It is also a powerful antidote against wrinkles.

50mL of Chrisal Probiotic Elixir makes from 450 mL to 500mL of Hydrating Mist.

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